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NaturRefugium - lively and living Houses to harbor the world

Providing lively living space, wealth and income generation, environmental protection and social peace - worldwide.


Imagine a house for you to live in.

  • A house which you can plan and create and build - or with some craftsmen who help you or construct it for you.

  • A house which can be big or small, simple or with a lot of luxury.

  • A house with outside and inside surfaces which you can change in material and shape and color.

  • A house which grows with you and which rooms you can change according to your and your family’s needs again and again.

  • A House which is rigid and can withstand the weather and earthquakes and will last hundreds of years.

  • A house which fits in any surrounding and area and culture, in developed and developing countries. You can build it on solid earth without foundation, into a hill like a hobbit house, or even on a boat or on poles over the water.

  • A house with a low impact to the environment, consisting mostly out of natural materials from your surrounding.

Yes, this house is available, and you can order it - for prices much lower than any conventional house. Read how it started.


A quick overview of NaturRefugium as a powerpoint presentation

NaturRefugium Houses presentation for friends and investors
21 concise slides about or houses, how they are made, and how we make them available to everybody.
NaturRefugium houses for billions of peo
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